Web Plan

For our final project we have to make a website and for that we need a web plan. So I have been working on a web plan for a little while and it is looking okay. My website is going to be on one thing that I love which is archery. Archery, if you click the blue Archery then you can see my web plan.

“It is crazy to build a website without a plan.  Those people who just ‘go for it’ are silly!”        It isn’t just crazy it would be hard to create it without a web plan and it to be a good website. You can still create a website without a plan but it is better to create it with a plan and you can still make changes to your plan if you think of something better. Your plan is not a set in stone plan think of it as a set in dirt plan so you can erase and start over, adjust some things or add new stuff.




In the settings you can adjust anything. There are some things that would be a good adjustment and some things that should stay the same. I personally like the Site Tagline edit. Even thought I don’t know what it really does I think it was worth changing.


Themes are a lot about your site. If your site doesn’t have a good theme then dome people won’t go to or stay on your site. If you have a theme and it is hard to find some stuff on it and people just want a site that has all the stuff easy to find, then I suggest that you try different themes and if you find one that you like then pick that theme and try it for a day or two to see if it is a good theme or if you should change it again. I didn’t change my theme but I did try some other themes and there were some pretty good ones but I liked my theme better.

Here’s a joke that will hopefully cheer up your day:

Why did the chicken say, “Meow, oink, bow-wow, moo?”

He was studying foreign languages.

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Categories and Tags

Adding categories and tags is simple. All you have to do is create a new post or go into an existing one, click on the Categories & Tags tab, click add a new category. Then type something for the name of it, in the box under the word Tags type the tag that you want. Then just finish typing your post, or finish editing your old post.


Linking to other websites, things, etc. is a good way to help people on your website look for something that is not on your website. It gives you the power and boost for your website. You can use a hyperlink to link to a different website and also to link to your website but to a different part of it.

To link all you need to do is highlight a word or phrase on your website and then open a new tab. Go to your website if you want to link it to a different part of your website and copy the URL in the search bar. Go back to your website editor in WordPress and paste the link to your word or phrase of choice.If you want to link to a different website or thing then you just do the same thing as what you did for linking to your website except you copy the URL of the website or thing and paste it to the word or phrase of your choice.

It is a lot easier than it sounds but there is still some difficulty in linking to a website or thing of your choice. IF you keep trying t o link it will be easier in the future. I know this from experience.


For the rest of the time that I am on my site I will be using  both pages and posts. The power in creating a website in WordPress is great. Being able to create a site about what you want is amazing. I can’t find any frustrations while I am in WordPress because my friend usually gets done before me and I know what to watch out for.

Adding a Picture

Wordpress imageThis is the first image that I am uploading to my  WordPress site. It is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is save the picture to your computer then go into WordPress and upload it. There are three picture which are thumbnail size, medium size, and full size.  “Images and visuals are one of the primary ways for us to communicate information now.  We need to take a step back from the text and think more about the visual.”  We need to stop reading to far into things and just look at the outside, the picture. We communicate with pictures all the time. If your friend posts a picture of themselves and they are smiling then you know that they are feeling good. But if they have a sad face then you know that they are sad. When I uploaded the image I felt a little frustrated with it because I didn’t know what to do but then I felt good when I figured it out. Wordpress image

WordPress in Webdesign

Hi, this is my first WordPress post for the elective I’m taking which is Web Design at Columbia Falls High School. I will keep adding to my site when I get the chance in class on WordPress Wednesday. We add something new to our websites every Wednesday and at the end of the lessons for our final project we have to create our own site using Dreamweaver. In my opinion I think that using WordPress is much easier than using Dreamweaver but that might change once I get the hang of using Dreamweaver. So I will be telling you how to do certain things in WordPress.