Linking to other websites, things, etc. is a good way to help people on your website look for something that is not on your website. It gives you the power and boost for your website. You can use a hyperlink to link to a different website and also to link to your website but to a different part of it.

To link all you need to do is highlight a word or phrase on your website and then open a new tab. Go to your website if you want to link it to a different part of your website and copy the URL in the search bar. Go back to your website editor in WordPress and paste the link to your word or phrase of choice.If you want to link to a different website or thing then you just do the same thing as what you did for linking to your website except you copy the URL of the website or thing and paste it to the word or phrase of your choice.

It is a lot easier than it sounds but there is still some difficulty in linking to a website or thing of your choice. IF you keep trying t o link it will be easier in the future. I know this from experience.